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Friday, July 17, 2009

Suicide Fleet & Change of Heart

It took me about 5 days to finish this movie. :/
The beginning looked promising, I mean:

But then it became scene after scene of the boys. They were entertaining at times, but enough with the boys! If you watch it just for Ginger, I would just watch the first part until the boys sail off. It's obvious which guy Ginger will pick.

Now onto Change of Heart... one reason this movie was amazing was because Ginger wore the BEST outfit in the last scene!

That's the one I'm talking about! Now I'm off to try to find it. :)
Also, Ginger is pretty evil in this movie. I don't know how that sits with you.



  1. This might be a double post of this comment, but I've really no idea. Did you like Change of HEart overall?

  2. I really liked it. I was talking with someone who kept warning me that Ginger was very evil in this movie and she couldn't bear to watch her like that. But I actually enjoyed it! :)


  3. Glad to hear you liked it-- evil Ginger sounds fascinating, I must admit. :)

  4. I know! That's what I was saying when I found out!
    Are you going to watch it soon?


  5.'s in the mail as we speak (I hope, haha). :)

  6. I fast forwarded through all the guy stuff in "Suicide Fleet". I saw explosions. Whatevs. All three ways she would have ended up with a guy who's WAY too old and slimy for her!

  7. Haha, Maggie, you sound like me...if I'm in a rush, I fast forward through the extra bits. Which I guess isn't good...ah well.

  8. Lauren - I'm with you on Suicide Fleet - definiely not enough 'VKM time'. Well, a little Ginger is better than none at all...
    AND, 'Change of Heart' sounds, even in the picture above (BTW - killer outfit, I concur) Ginger has a bit of 'edgy' expression on her face...need to see that one, for sure.

  9. jwalker - Change of Heart is worth a watch! Ginger's supposed to be the super glamourous one, as you can see from the photo! I enjoyed seeing her in a different light. I actually found that photograph above before I saw the movie... you should have seen my face when I discovered this outfit was in that movie. I was SO excited! It moves beautifully too! That alone cinches it for me - I recommend it to everyone! I just figure I should warn people because some don't like seeing Ginger in this way.


  10. It's so cool to 'match' the still pictures with when you finally see the movie they are from! 'Lady in the Dark' was a major 'ephiphany' for me in that regard...
    Well, the "sassy, sweet, funny, smart, spunky" Ginger is what we all know and love, but I do think it is neat for her to 'mix it up' a bit every now and then...and I really think that she, like all actors/actresses, really liked a role once and a while which was 'out of character' for her...
    Ginger noted in her book about the movie that ..."Although not a great role (second feminine lead), it did show me in a different light; I was a mantrap rather than a sweetheart. Handsome clothes and some very nice close-ups never hurt any second feminine lead." So, sounds like she was pleased with the attire, too! And the 'nice close-ups?' I'm there, y'all!!!
    I saw this one on iOffer, I think - but it was a bit steep - may go on the 'Gorm' site (if I ever get it set up) to get it.
    P.S. - thanks for 'following' my site - hopefully I can put a few decent things on there every now and again...of course, I am in sheer awe of you and Beth for not only being 'uber' close to completing the 'GingerQuest', but also for the cool Youtube videos y'all compile! I really need to figure out how to do that...

  11. jwalker - Oh yeah Ginger looks beautiful in COH. Especially in the last scene. I love her make up there too.
    Do you need an invite to G? I have 15 and I don't really have anyone to give them to. There's a TON of Ginger films up there!
    I can also help you with YouTube videos. I'm good with Windows Movie Maker, but I'm still discovering iMovie, but whichever program you have I can help you get a video up!
    Thanks for commenting here! I love reading it and really appreciate it!


  12. Thanks for the kind words, Lauren! ...Actually, Beth got me 'in' on 'G' a while back (my 'tag' on there is 'vkmfan')but I just need to get the 'loading' program and info ...I plan to get 'going' on it pretty soon and hopefully be able to 'add' a few... I have a few which are not on the Ginger list...well, last time I checked, anyway. But thanks! I would like to do the video thing, too - but sometimes it is tough to find time... weekends are pretty much the only time for it, and this one is unfortunately about over... but maybe I can get things cooking soon1 thanks for the help - I may really get back to you with the video thing - I think I need 'more Ginger' actually IN my computer, tho!

  13. Lauren - sorry - I am actually posting this everywhere, (Beth's site, Juliette's site) - but...I have uTorrent now, but my dnload time is SLOW! Like, 1 percent per HOUR! I know I must have some settings wrong - any info would be greatly appreciated! I did find info on how to 'contribute', and hopefully I can do that for a few of them...
    Anyway, thanks for all the info and help, Lauren! JW

  14. I would post that in the help section. I post a lot of questions there, and everyone's pretty good at answering them quickly.


    PS I'll contact you on G so you know where you can find me.

  15. Thanks, Lauren! I think the 'speed setings' in my utorrent program may be my problem... but I will definitely check out the help area on there, too.
    I'll be on the lookout 'over there' for you!


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