Never Gonna Dance

Monday, September 21, 2009


I had to revise my goal, to fit the fact that I did not find all the movies by today. :(


PS PLUS I'm missing HALF of The Sap From Syracuse...


  1. Never mind, there's always another day. Good luck at school. We of The PG expect 'A' in every subject.

  2. LOVE your page and LOVE Ginger Rogers, here is my site address if you would like to follow me. I would be delighted..Arianna..

  3. This sequence is so breathtaking, and my heart just breaks at this moment. Oh, Fred and Ginger = total love.

  4. ...Goals are made to be broken! Or at least 'delayed'!! you know, the ol' 'it's a journey - not a destination' stuff!

    As for school - have fun! Well, as much fun as one can realistically HAVE at school...
    you will do well - and as I've said before - there are plenty of folks here keeping up with VKM, so don't worry!

    PG Giza...(see previous post comments...)

    P.S. - another 'word' for the ages... 'cockamamie'... as in "What kind of cockamamie talk is that, 'Out of Time'?" :-)

  5. Think of it as a long distance race. You didn't quite make the time you had hoped for, but you'll get to the finish line eventually. And how about the fun you've had with your comrades along the way? We're still in the race, too. :)

    GOOD LUCK at school. May your first sculpture be of the PG Gang!

  6. Lauren...
    wherefore art thou? (sorry...this works better over on Juliette's blog... :-) )

    Just wondering if you are going to keep going with this one...hope so!

    JWalker-Huey-VKMfan-PG Giza-Sunny (one day, I will figure out the best way to consolodate these...:-) )

  7. "JWalker-Huey-VKMfan-PG Giza-Sunny (one day, I will figure out the best way to consolodate these...:-) )"
    Just switch off, Huey.

    "wherefore art thou?"
    I have no ideas on writing. What am I going to say? I still haven't found Hat Check Girl. And I really really want to get a paid position at the theatre here where they play all the old movies! Don't know how that's going to happen though, I guess I'll have to trot down there in person one day. How scary!
    I haven't even posted on my other one in a while. I said I wasn't good at blogging, but I will try to think of something!!

    Haha perfect for Juliette, by the way!
    Well how about if you need me, just put your lips together and blow. :)


  8. Huey is pretty comfortable, since it is my wife's 'pet' name for me...although I had a teacher in high school call me that, too...of course I had a major crush on her, so she could call me whatever she wanted... :-)

    Good luck on the theatre gig! hope it works would definitely be a natural for it! Mention you are a follower of Gingerology, that usually does the trick... :-) (I need to pull in those little emoticon dudes so I can use the one rolling his eyes!)

    the lips thing...where was that one from? I know Bacall-Bogie, but which one?

  9. "although I had a teacher in high school call me that, too...of course I had a major crush on her, so she could call me whatever she wanted."
    AHAHAHAHA how cute! You should go back to your high school reunion and see if she's still there.

    Your signature face is the rolling the eyes one, ahaha! I usually use the toothy grin or just the happy giggle one. :D

    It's from To Have and To Have Not.


  10. ...Well, I had a crush on several of my teachers...(only the female ones...see the Gorm dialouge!) but this particular one was not a teacher to me per se, (Percy?), but was the 'editor' of the school newspaper, and I was the 'Staff Artist'...
    She was only there my Senior year, and she was really just out of college, so not all that much older than me...and I have always had a 'thing' for older ladies... funny, my wife is 4 years younger than me, but WAY more mature than I (surprised? [place 'eye-roll' here])...
    Anyway, this teacher-like young lady was sweet, but was also 'no-nonsense', and spoke her mind - much the way I feel Ginger would...
    She actually looked a LOT like the 'latter day' TV actress Julia Duffy, who was on Newhart and Later, Designing Women (BTW...sounds really er...'non-manly', but I REALLY like the show 'Designing Women!' Why? well, for..the WOMEN!!! duh! :-P ) to pics of Ms Duffy...

    ..she also happened to be one of the teachers who oversaw the little kids when they went out to the playground (I went to a small private K-12 school) - and I was one of the 'older kids' which helped out with kid 'crowd control'... ...well, she was big on wearing dresses...quite nice ones, frilly, 'lady-like' dresses, again, not unlike VKM... and I remember one day we were all outside, and it was a VERY windy spring day... of course, the result was several inadvertent recreations of Marilyn from 'Seven-year Itch'... which of course summoned forth all manner of unwholesome, yet intreiguing thoughts from the dark depths of my fledgling libido... oh, those were the days... "Huey, it sure is windy out today, isn't it?" "(my answer) :-P :-P :-P "
    But hey, why am I telling YOU all this? :-) the roll-eye dude thrown in for good measure...

  11. You are telling me this for entertainment value, and so I can laugh about the antics of the male. But I feel bad for your teacher on that windy day. It's really embarassing. :(


  12. Well, sure - I always feel bad for any 'wardrobe malfunction' a lady may have... really!
    In retrospect, it was at best an 'awkward' situation, but a somewhat unavoidable one... and honestly, if the 'crush' deal wasn't there, probably would have not thought twice about it...and, BTW, it wasn't really as near as 'extreme' as MM...but just enough to prompt the obnoxious 'curiosity' of a HS male.
    Man...I feel pretty bad about it after I went back and re-read this... guess the ol' late-night creative writing went into overdrive, in a bad way...
    Let's just say this was a cool lady who was quite pretty and I really, really enjoyed being around... that hopefully sums it up in a more 'above-board' manner... ok.


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2. 42nd Street (1933) .... Ann
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6. Bachelor Mother (1939) .... Polly Parrish
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