Never Gonna Dance

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Are you trying to mock me here?

Please stop if you are, and stop carbon copying my ideas.



  1. I prefer to think that imitation is the best form of flattery. (And perhaps it's indicative of someone bereft of own ideas and who, therefore, plagiarizes others.)

    Whichever is the case, your Blog is PG approved; jimmylist is NOT.

  2. How CREEPY! Do people honestly have nothing better to do with their time? I'll never understand why people do things like that. I went through the same thing a while ago and it is NOT fun. :(

  3. wow... that IS a bit much... I mean, if someone was just 'crusin' thru blog sites', and ran across the jimmy one, and already knew about yours, they would just think this is another one of your blogs...which is a bit unnerving, since you are not responsible for the stuff on the jimmy one, but folks might get that idea...
    Wow, that comment was to the point, wasn't it???
    Chalk it up to the 12:30 am fritz-out...
    Well, don;t worry - we know the REAL Lauren... maybe you should put that on the title up there!!!

  4. ...hey, I think that joker from 'thejimmylist' just posted a derogatory comment over on 'Grayscale'...and get THIS...he posted as 'jwalker'! boy, the nerve of some people... er...yeah, the nerve...

  5. Well, jimmylist hasn't been mocking recently, but SOMEONE HAS. WHuey could it be?


  6. may be Huey in the Ham... he is quite the nefarious one...

  7. Well I'll go sort this out IN person IN the Ham if he so chooses to have a Beef with me!


  8. ...well, he does travel a lot, so he might be hard to catch...he typically runs a lot of wild smack on these blogs just prior to leaving for his yearly trip to Macedonia, Persia and Siam...says it gets the 'creative juices' flowing in anticipation of the various events he attends in these regions, such as the Migraine Headache Festival, the Yearly Meeting of Non-Congregationalists (usually a low turnout for that one), the 37th Annual Wart-Conjuring Symposium, and other various and sundry Belly-Floppin' Contests...

    If I do happen to see him prior to his departure, I will kindly request that he 'cease and desist' the JimmyList... and if that doesn't work, then I will just blap him up side the noggin with a pressure-treated 2x4... that usually irons things out quite nicely...

    Regards, Jwalker

  9. Oh my goodness good thing I don't know you in person, Huey. If you're this funny in text you've got to be hilarious in person. This is funny. You're such a goofball. I seem to have the same refrain when it comes to you and your jokes.

    "Yearly Meeting of Non-Congregationalists (usually a low turnout for that one)"
    That one really got me.

    Thanks for being a pal from BamaHam.


  10. Honestly, I am not nearly as funny in person...(or so I've been told...) ...well, not 'droll' or anything, but it just seems the written stuff turns out better... I guess I do have my moments, tho - I can crack my mom up at the drop of a hat... when I was a kid, getting blessed out when I misbehaved, I could just make a goofy face or say something and she would always crack up... and you know what? My little girl can do the EXACT same thing to me... she is just so funny.

    PG pal HueyBamaHam (HBH - acronyms R us...) - hey, what would be the equal for you? 'CaliAngeles?' er... needs work...

  11. ...BTW, who is making up these 'verify' words you have to put in prior to posting a comment? the last one there was 'woosizi' that a Swahili word or something?

  12. AHAHAHA They aren't real words!!! It's called a gestapo... or something. Capacha! Umm, gazpacho? I don't know exactly.

    But anyway I love talking to my aunt because I can make her laugh all the time. But I think I'm better in person, which is why I don't come off particularly funny online!


  13. ..Gestapo Cappuchino, please, easy on the froth...
    Well, as long as one is funny in some medium, that's cool - BTW, you ARE pretty funny via the written word, too!


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