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Thursday, August 27, 2009

2 More In Possession

I've now gotten a hold of Queen High (1930) and The Sap From Syracuse (1930). Very excited! And I'm actually going to watch them right away. I started Queen High and it's a pretty cute movie so far!



  1. CoolCoolCool!!! Hope they are great copies!

    Looks like you could be the first to finish... you are down to what, 5 now? Not counting the 'shorts' - Campus Sweethearts and Day/Affairs... Harlow, Hat Check Girl, Perfect Strangers, Teenage Rebel, and Storm Warning...
    Actually, I will HOPEFULLY figure out 'G' contributions this weekend - I have Harlow and Teenage Rebel, so maybe a bit of help there...

    What happens when someone finally DOES obtain all of them? I guess there's still plenty to talk about!

  2. I did have Storm Warning on my computer at one point but I lost track of it so I'm getting it again. The only ones I haven't been able to locate at ALL are Campus Sweethearts, Day/Man/Affairs, and Hat Check Girl. I know Hat Check Girl could possibly play on TCM, but I don't have the channel so I have to rely on someone else taping it. :(
    Queen High is quality you'd expect from a film that wasn't really properly cared about. But I could still recognize the people. It's not blurry, but it's not the cleanest and clearest print.

    I was thinking about that a couple of weeks ago... what do I do once I find them all? Well I don't know if I'll be able to stick to my goal end time I have posted, but I am snooping around as much as I possibly can!

    How are you doing with your list?


  3. Well, after 'updating' it, really not too bad - there are only 5 that I really do not have in ANY capacity - The two you just received (I did get a few minutes of Queen High off of Youtube, but not enough to really 'count'), Hat Check Girl, 5th Ave. Girl, and Perfect Strangers... and the two 'shorts' wich seem to be MIA, 'Campus' and 'Affairs'. Actually, 'Tender Comrade' is '50%' here, via 'G' :-] - I have seen that one before, but no copy (yet) - plus, TCM is showing that one a few times in the near future, so not really 'sweating' that one. Also have 5th Ave 'queued', so hopefully that one will come thru soon, too.
    I read over on 'G' that Beth has been 'setback' a bit... well, hopefully that situation will 'right' itself soon! Honestly, I will be 'slowing down' some over the next few weeks,too, as my wife is due next Thursday (!) to have a baby some time off from work - who knows - may be able to post a few things on here between diaper changes! <:-}

  4. Haha congratulations!! How cute :3
    You're doing VERY well! When did you start? I started actively collecting a long time ago, since the beginning of this summer I think!


  5. Thanks, Lauren! We are 'battening down the hatches' around here, so to speak...

    As for my 'GingerQuest', I guess I REALLY started watching her stuff back in high school, on and off - did not really 'obtain' any of her movies, tho - just tried to catch her whenever TCM or AMC showed one...

    I remember I was with some friends down in Florida, oh, in the late 90's, and we went to an 'outlet center' - and they had Ginger's biography for like, $5 or something - I got it, and they said, "Ginger WHO?" with that typical weird look of bewilderment...(you know what I mean...sad but true...)

    Anyway, that's my 'background'... to make a long story even more so, I did not become 'totally sold out' until I decided to buy the Ginger/Fred box set last Christmas... my little girl takes dance, and I figured it would be neat for her to see the best in action! And, of course, as mentioned before, my ulterior motive was to get 're-aquainted' with, of course we all enjoyed the box set so much, decided to start looking for other Ginger movies, and eight months later, here I am with stacks of burned DVDs all around me, eBay-ing and iOffer-ing to a disturbing point, and jumping into the 'Gorge' with reckless abandon!

    Hopefully, that explains a few things... it is a bit weird, wife's pregnancy and my 'GingerQuest' seemed to have the same 'date of origin'... hmmmm...

  6. "I got it, and they said, "Ginger WHO?" with that typical weird look of bewilderment...(you know what I mean...sad but true...)"
    I know that, no one knows who Ginger Rogers is. That's why I was so shocked that there was so much activity concerning her online.

    I know what you mean about the DVDs, I've been "Gor"ging myself on movies too!

    "it is a bit weird, wife's pregnancy and my 'GingerQuest' seemed to have the same 'date of origin'... hmmmm.."
    That must have been a very happy day in your life :)


  7. Well, life is good...
    My wife is not as big on movies in general, but likes a few here and there...she IS a big 'Gone with the Wind' fan, and she does occasionally watch a Ginger with my little girl and I - and seems to like them ok. I think she is ok with Ginger, and'interest' in her... :-P I really just like Ginger's style, and attitude, you know, all the cool stuff about her... and I generally enjoy movies and music of the era she was in, anyway, so, there you go.
    I guess in a way, collecting VKM stuff has become a 'hobby' of sorts - and I am usually of the mindset that if there is a celebrity or music group or whatever that has a bunch of material, I try to obtain their entire 'catalog' of work... I guess that makes me a 'complete-est', for lack of a better wife says it borders on OCD... but in a good way, I guess...
    BTW, did get some info on the 'Spanish - English' issue on Romance in Manhattan - having trouble downloading the program 'flying high' mentioned...seems like everything you go to do needs a special program...oh well, no pain, no gain!

  8. hahaha, epic thread... have a moentry rebate as the gaoler is out at dinner :D

    I've had so many ideas while I've been away, so hopefully should be back monday (cross fingers)

    IM SO PSYCHED, over those two new uns, please gorm them :D :D

    also, as a las quick note, I was interested to hear j say that his wife was okay with his "interest" in ginger, and then to explain what it was. For me, I had a moment of clarity on this last night... my wee sister accused me of loving Ginger (guilty as charged) and in typical kid mode of "wanting to marry her". Here I balked, partially due to the implied gayness of either myself or Ginger but mainly because of the implications of the statement. I realised, that despite Ginger's sexiness, beauty, brains and basically everything that women want to be and men like in a girl, where I a man, or that way inclined, I still wouldn't think of her that way, as even as an idea it somehow corrupts her essence... it was at this point I realised I'd been at home alone for too long and should probably go talk to real people :P

    Hope to see y'all soon
    Beth xx

  9. Funny stuff, Beth!!! My little girl pretty much says the same thing - but I guess it's a bit different from my standpoint :-] There's no doubt I think VKM is one of the most beautiful ladies (in all possible ways) the Good Lord ever breathed life into, (of course my wife is #1!) - but honestly, I think being married to VKM would have been tough - she did SO much, was all over the place...even the actor dudes she married couldn't keep up with her...
    Well, my wife does say - "Good thing she isn't around anymore, or else I would leave her and become a 'Ginger Groupie'"... which is pretty funny, actually...I mean, sounds REAL weird, but if I somehow ever fritzed out and wanted to be a groupie to a lady in her 99th year, and if VKM was still with us, she would be the one I would 'gravitate' to...I mean, 'Groupie' is a pretty weird conotation.... I would like, be her gardener or something - be the go-fer for her... pick up ice cream for her or whatever...:-]
    In the real world, tho, I just think it is neat to hunt down all the movies she was in to see if they can all be obtained, and become well versed in them, as an exercise in 'trivia' if nothing never know when someone will be looking for a 'Gingerologist', and need info regarding VKM...and thus, someone out here needs to give them accurate info, right?

    Beth - get back in the good graces! We need more stuff posted! Although there isn't much analysis needed for the 'blonde vs brunette' poll... Ginger rocks either way, but the public has spoken! (I still think I just took the 'non-obvious' side of brunette just to spark debate...)

    Lauren - wasn't going to 'push' it, but YES! The 'Gorg' is calling out to you!!! 'The Queen' and 'The Sap' are being summoned!!! :-)))

  10. "having trouble downloading the program 'flying high' mentioned...seems like everything you go to do needs a special program."
    HAHA I think I made a comment about that somewhere on the G boards!

    "it was at this point I realised I'd been at home alone for too long and should probably go talk to real people"
    Beth AHAHA you are hilarious!

    To me, Ginger would have been a potential best friend because she seems very fun and not that look of other actresses that are very beautiful but have a sort of 'tough' exterior if you know what I mean.

    Haha!!!! Of course I will post those movies you two! I was teasing flyinghigh about it the other day and I'm sure return would be greatly displeased if they didn't get up there. :)


  11. Well, maybe the folks who moderate 'G' could provide a "complete download / upload / convert / synergize / tenderize / marinate and baste" 'block' of programs one could 'purchase' for use, all in one neat package! Heck, I would throw 10-15 bucks in for that, if everything would get you from point A to B in an adequate and non 'wailing and gnashing of teeth' manner!!!

    Anyway... great news about the new ones you have!!! Thanks, Lauren!

    BTW... watched 'Tender Comrade' this afternoon... have seen it before, and knew what was coming at the end... but when Ginger had her 'final soliloquy' with the baby, dang it...I was just bawling my eyes out...takes a MAN to admit that, ladies! (:-}

  12. hahah... Tender COmrade is high on my weepy Ginger list too, I'm snatching further moments as my mater is in the bath, see what I am reduced to!

    I'm with you. I would be (jointly with Lauren) Ginger's best friend... and j, you could bring all ofus icecream, and we'll let you speak to her sometimes :P

    Gotta love us "grown ups" iagning ourselves as the "crew" of a dead 99 year old...
    I guess Ginger's got a hell of a fan club to look forward to up in heaven!!


  13. Hi Larren, would if be possibel for you to do me a copy of QUEEN HIGH and THE SAP FROM SYRACUSE if you still have them? How much would if cost? im in the UK.

    If not where would i go to obtain/view theses movies?

    Please email direclty here:


  14. jwalker - I just kept messaging flyinghigh until I got the answers I wanted :D But you can try asking any of the moderators any questions and they will help. I came onto the site a couple months ago not knowing what "seeding" and "leeching" meant, and here I am now. You will be fine, I'm sure.

    "I'm with you. I would be (jointly with Lauren) Ginger's best friend... and j, you could bring all ofus icecream, and we'll let you speak to her sometimes :P"
    HAHA I love that!
    Haha Beth, I imagined that's what you meant. :)

    Jia2279 - Yes I still have the movies and I could send - I will email you for further details.


  15. ...Believe me, I would take that assignment and run with it, ladies!!! (heck, I would even work for free!!! :-) )...which kinda got me thinking, along with the trivia deal I just did, what was Ginger's favorite ice cream flavor? More research... you know, who we NEED to get in touch with is that lady on the Ginger/Fred biography in the 'box set', who was Ginger's personal assistant...SHE would know gobs of stuff!

    Lauren - Thanks for the info - I will try the route flyinghigh noted one more time - I probably had something going wrong... and I also REALLY need to get on the 'upload' side of things...may try that in a day or two...Beth has got me set up on that, just need to try it!

    Beth - Amen to the fan club, sister! I bet it's already a pretty crowded meeting room - but I'm sure they will make room for a few more up there! ;-)

  16. When I first uploaded I printed out the upload form and read it step by step while I did it. That helped so much! I definitely still have it somewhere printed out...
    I feel like I read about Ginger's favourite flavour somewhere, but maybe not. I have various flavours floating around my head, like rocky road or mint chip, but I could be confusing this information with someone else's. Perhaps my own history of ice cream loves.


  17. Thanks, Lauren! - I did print out the 'upload tutorial'... my big issue is converting DVD to .AVI files - I have the 'fairuse wizard' as recommended by Beth...honestly just haven't tried to do it yet...hope to get to it soon, tho...
    DID finally figure out the 'English/Spanish' thing - got the right program loaded up... as long as all these 'rogue' programs don't eat my computer, I guess it's ok... but 'Romance in Manhattan' is good to go now... funny thing about it, the first of that one has the dude getting off the boat at Ellis Island, speaking in Czechoslovakian (...why yes, I DO own a dictionary!)...and I watched it for 2-3 minutes before I realized it was not in English...but then he said 'Gracias, Senor'...I thought... hey...wait a minute...I'm no linguist, but they don't say that in Czech....! Anyway, just glad I somehow figured out something.
    ...hmmm...Now, what would Ginger order at Baskin-Robbins??? That is a good one... something tells me she might like strawberry, not sure why... you know this will probably drive us all crazy... :-p

  18. My process is pretty complicated for converting DVD to AVI but my computer is really sensitive to all these programs so I found a special way that works for me. So I can't help the normal person there.
    Hey, I'm Czech! But I can't speak it :(
    When I got Romance in Manhattan the filename was in Spanish but the movie was in English.
    Regarding Ginger Rogers and ice cream, stay tuned...


  19. Well, I am running Vista, which in theory sounds like a good thing, but it has SO much 'blocking' stuff, which I guess is also a good thing, but not when you ever try to DO anything!!!
    Wow! from Czech.? That's cool! Have you ever been there? I really think the 'geneology' stuff is interesting, although I haven't done much of it...yet another thing I need to do... Overall, I'm a 'United Kingdom' decendant...'Walker' is quite Scottish...'Hughes' is my middle name, which is English as far as I can tell, and my Grandma's maiden name was O'Connor, so the Emerald Isle is also covered... Haven't been over there, tho...need to do that.
    Haven't seen "Romance in Manhattan" all the way - just enough to make sure it is in English! - but the general premise seems pretty cool...

  20. No I've never been there. :( I would want to go though! My 100 year old great grand aunt lives there!

    I really enjoyed Romance in Manhattan. It was cute! It had more drama than the average Ginger picture.


  21. It was a good one! Liked the ending, which was a bit better that some movies of that era. My mom says sometimes they end so apruptly, it looks as if they just ran out of money before a 'proper' ending could be done...

  22. er...apruptly... abruptly... spellcheck, be danged!

  23. A lot of movies back then I noticed ended at the climax. I don't mind movies that end that way IF they do not really need any more wrap up. Some do, and didn't get it. Maybe it's more like they ran out of film before they could finish! :)


    PS Get Safari, it has spell check.

  24. ...Well, I have a dictionary I try to use... 'old school', you know... but I will check out the Safari, too...definitely need all the help I can get in that department, unfortunately...


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