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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fred and Ginger in the NY Times

I enjoyed reading this on my flight home. It was a bummer when I left the whole $6 newspaper on the airplane, then had to get another one.



  1. Thanks for the link! It is so cool to see current articles on Ginger/Fred - hopefully will encourage folks to check these movies out, or revisit them... Will probably seek out that 'Fred and Ginger' book - but not the other one dealing with Fred only...
    Glad to see you arrived safely!

  2. I have both of them. The Fred and Ginger one is very nice to read. It's not too hard to find either, you just have to look in the used bookstores or on ebay. If I find another one I'll let you know. The Astaire Dancing one can be a bit pricey if it's in good condition because it is huge! But if you ever find a cheap copy it may be worth it to look at the 10 pictures with Ginger. All his movies are detailed in there.


  3. Thanks for the info, Lauren! I will probably hunt both of those down for my collection, but also for my mom, who is an AVID reader, especially biographies....
    BTW... I think I FINALLY have figured out the 'G'...I have one 'coming in' now - 'Change of Heart' (your description of that one put it at the top of the 'get' list!) AND, I am going to try to 'contribute' to the Ginger List...surprisingly, I have 3 or 4 of the ones not there yet (!) I just REALLY hope I can do it right...hard for me to admit, but I am not very 'savvy' with the tech stuff, despite Engineer!!! (well, Mechanical Engineer, but still...) ...I think I may just be on the 'cusp' of being left behind the next wave of 'tech stuff'... anyway - if I can contribute, it would make me feel a bit better. Thanks Again, JW

  4. Okay good! There are some in queue to be uploaded, namely Sitting Pretty, Forever Female, The Tip-Off... I feel like there's one more but I can't remember. What have you got?


  5. ...I have each of those... (actually 'burned' 'The Tip-Off' last night from VCR to DVD in hopes of trying to 'contribute' it... but sounds like it is underway, which is great!)
    My 'Sitting Pretty' is a mediocre copy... I'm sure there is a tech term for it, but the faces in certain scenes just 'white out'...the audio is fair, tho, and the VKM scenes are overall ok, but the part in '...Dream Walking' where she is 'close-up' abruptly cuts off (skips ahead), which is a downer.
    Anyway, I also have a 'fair' copy of Harlow, but it was taped from 'network TV', so commercial breaks kinda chop it up - the actual commercials are not there, but the 'pause - resume' effect is...but may try to add that one - it is honestly not that great as a movie, but the list must be DONE, right?
    I have 'Teenage Rebel', Perfect Strangers', and 'Honor Among Lovers' coming in the mail (should be here by now!), and those are all currently not 'accounted for'... I really would like to put a few on there, just to 'justify my existence'... if I can figure it out - I printed out the 'how-to' tutorial from 'G', looks fairly 'easy'... sounds dumb, but is ther only one 'file' for each movie, or can 'multiple' files be 'contributed'? I'm a bit fuzzy on that...I will consult the 'G'...
    Oh, BTW - 'Change of Heart' is now within my computer! YES!!! It took basically 24 hours to complete...what is a 'good' time for a typical d-load? I can live with that time frame - just start one late one night, and be done by the next night...
    And, while I am thinking about it, does anyone know the whereabouts of 'The Sap from Syracuse'? I know 'Hat Check Girl' is AWOL, but haven't seen much about the Sap, either...
    Sorry for the epic post - just jazzed I can finally work the 'G'!

  6. I'm doing the tip off, no one's doing Harlow, but talk to Beth about the rest because she claimed like, 5 :P All of those other ones you listed. I know someone who has Sap from Syracuse but he has yet to reply. I'm FINALLY have the capability to burn DVDs and now he's not responding! >:(


  7. ...nice segue into my next question - how do you get these files to 'convert' onto a 'plain ol' DVD' that can play on your garden variety DVD player? I read a few things about going from .avi files to DVD, but really nothing too clear (i.e., 'dumbed-down to the point of me figuring it out :-] )
    I will look at Harlow and hopefully be able to contribute that, anyway... but between you and Beth, y'all are the 'Masters' of this - and sound like what I have y'all are fixing to 'contribute', so I may just throw in some 'donations' to earn my keep...

  8. ...hey! - I figured out the 'convert to DVD' thing - I just stuck a blank disc in, and Windows popped up an option to 'burn to a DVD' - so, about an hour later, it was done! Like the DVD format, cause my Mom can borrow them...and, I guess having everything in one 'format' is nice, too...
    thanks again for the info and help!

  9. I have about 35,000 bonus points saved for no particular reason so if you find yourself in the hole at any point while downloading, I can tell the Admin to send you some points from me.

    !! My Windows computer does not do that! I had to get advice!
    I really wouldn't call myself a master. I've probably burned a hole through the help section.


  10. Thanks, Lauren! I will try to keep up with my 'rating' or far, I still have a 'smiley face' on my 'G' stats, so I guess that is positive!
    From what I gather, as long as you keep the movie 'seeded'?, you obtain points... so I guess if you just get one every now and then, and leave them there, points accumulate - and you need not 'upload' anything...which is good, since I am still pretty clueless as to how to do that (although I am going to try it over the weekend - the file 'conversion' thing -.vob to .avi - is the bug-a-boo).
    Not sure as to how much 'non-Ginger' stuff I will delve long as I can get the VKM catalouge covered, I will be ok...but I guess there ARE other films out there, too :-]
    I just 'dumb lucked' my way into the DVD burn thing - I just stuck a blank one in, and it asked if I wanted to make one - and somehow it came out right! I run Vista, if that means anything...

  11. Yeah you don't need to upload anything.

    Oh I don't have Vista, I have Windows XP and Mac OSX. I couldn't figure out how to use iDVD on my mac.


  12. I'd love to see th 42nd street trio picture if you've a link :D

    I havent started college yet.... I dont begin until September 27th so its a long long way off yet... im getting so bored!! xx

  13. Here:
    I love this one!

    Okay we shall chat! I don't start school until the end of September as well. More time to look for Ginger films.



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52. Sap from Syracuse, The (1930) .... Ellen Saunders
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